Food Shields

It only takes one person to start a movement with Axces™, BSI’s new pivot-action food guard designed with a patented soft-shut closure. Simply lift, replenish, nudge and go!

The first and still the best, ZGuard is the foodservice industry’s preferred adjustable sneeze guard combining style, construction, and functionality.

Custom Food Shields

In-house engineering and fabrication allows you to create food shields that are truly unique to your space.


XGuard adds another dimension to a food shield’s functionality with forward and backward movement in addition to up and down.

Advance Guard

BSI’s newest food shield offers adjustability like never before with breakthrough angular, height, and recessive movement.

DECO 900 Series

Adjustable and component-based, Deco 900 food guards feature distinctive styling and a customizable bracket channel.

DECO Engineered

Fixed food shields with attractive components offer a durable, affordable safety solution.


Clean lines and modern design are the trademarks of these UV-bonded, hardware-free food guards.

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